GRADIF-K holds very strongly that systemic and enduring change is possible when communities and development stakeholders are empowered with appropriate information and resources to initiate and drive their own development agenda, actively participating in addressing challenges affecting them through working with governments, development partners, other actors and above all tapping and utilizing locally available resources and practicing community philanthropy to access basic rights, services and to sustain their initiatives.

GRADIF-K Vision:

GRADIF-K Vision is to see an empowered society actively engaging in sustainable development.


The Mission of GRADIF-K is to facilitate the empowerment of grass root marginalized and vulnerable communities through Community mobilization and Sensitization, Capacity Development, Advocacy and influencing relevant policies, Partnerships, Collaboration and Networking so that they can actively engage in sustainable development guided by equal opportunities for all.


We consider it important to adhere to critical values as the driver to achieving our proposed strategy. We have hence adopted the following as our corporate shared values.

  • Positive Change: We are committed to sustainable positive change in our communities.
  • Nondiscrimination and respect for others: We value others and believe they can given the opportunity. GRADIF-K promotes respect for all regardless of gender, nationality, economic status, ethnicity and other diversity considerations.
  • Integrity: We believe and promote honesty and accountability.
  • Teamwork: We value working together for positive change.
  • Commitment: We are committed to performing tasks accurately and in timely manner.