About Grassroots Development Initiatives Foundation-Kenya (GRADIF-K):

GRADIF-Kenya Foundation is a Public Community Development Foundation founded in the year 2006 and legally registered with the relevant authority as Company Limited by Guarantee with no share capital on 9th May, 2007, and issued with registration N0: C. 139158. In development sector, it falls under the category of Community Development Foundations. The initial aim behind its foundation was to support and promote sustainable development through relevant skills development and working with grassroots structures who are the key initiators and drivers of the development agenda in various communities. The goal of the organization is to support the improvement of life of vulnerable and marginalized community groups in selected poverty stricken and resource scarce areas in Kenya focusing more on rural Arid and Semi-Arid (ASAL) regions in Kenya. To promote effectiveness, wide reach and sustainability of projects/programs implemented, GRADIF-K works with organized, legally registered community groups including Women & Youth groups, Community Based organizations (CBOs), Faith Based organizations (FBOs) and related grassroots structures, County and National Governments ministries& departments, research and institutions of learning in the implementation of age-appropriate, rights based, gender sensitive, cultural responsive and environmentally friendly community based poverty reduction programs. All GRADIF-K’s Programs & Projects are geared towards making contributions to realization of the Kenya’s Vision 2030 Goals, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Education for All (EFA), all in contribution to the realization of the wellbeing of various community groups including Children, Women and Youth in Kenya. The key Broad Thematic Areas of our work include; Democracy, Citizens Participation and Governance, Economic Livelihoods, Social Protection and Organizational Capacity Development.

GRADIF-K has gained wide experience in the implementation of the undertaken projects in the past 12 plus years in various counties in Kenya with commendable results. Over time, GRADIF-K has developed healthy and cordial working relationships with diverse range of partners, collaborators relevant County and National Governments departments, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) Community Based Development groups, International Development Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, the Corporate Sector, Research & learning institutions and local community technical resource persons in the implementation of all programs. GRADIF-K is currently working with more than 384 Community Grass root Development Structures in the counties served.