[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In this thematic area of focus, GRADIF-K seeks to strengthen both the organizational and institutional capacities of the Grass root structures who are the key holders of the development agenda. These include Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Youth groups, Women groups, Framers Organizations, development Networks and other grassroots groups which we work with as well as strengthening GRADIF-K organizational capacity to design, implement and support effective and sustainable programs for improvement of life of targeted populations.

Some of the Key Interventions that GRADIF-K Undertakes Include:

  • Undertaking Organization Capacity Assessments (OCA) and Management Capacity Assessment (MCA) for CBOs and other groups partnered with.
  • Training the CBOs and other grassroots groups on critical Organizational Development aspects including leadership, group dynamics, Governance & making of constitutions, networking, record keeping, financial management, monitoring& data management, business planning, entrepreneurship, sustainability among others,
  • Supporting CBOs and other groups in development, implementation and review of their Strategic Plans.
  • Development and implementation of GRADIF-K 5 years strategic plan (2012- 2017). Ensuring, timely implementation and midterm review of the strategic plan.
  • Organizing annual program and strategic plan review meetings
  • Organizing quarterly board of directors meetings
  • Organizing and facilitating board of directors, staff and strategic partners retreats
  • Formation of board of directors’ thematic groups to accelerate resource mobilization, partnership and networking, financial management and program development work.
  • Supporting staff, board of directors and strategic partners to attend national, regional and international conferences and requisite capacity building forums and advocacy events