Key Broad Objectives:

GRADIF-K’s Key Broad Objectives based on the four thematic areas as follows:

  • Facilitate effective Citizens’ Human rights Awareness, Engagement and participation in matters affecting their lives and in governance of their Counties and country through empowering them so that they can actively participate in the Planning and implementation of projects and allocation of resources. It also aims to promote transparency and good governance practices and hold leaders accountable for their sustained wellbeing through enjoyment of their constitutional rights. Governance is also also implemented as a cross cutting activity in a programs and initiatives.
  • Promote Economic Livelihoods empowerment for the targeted marginalized & vulnerable communities to increase and diversify households’ incomes, promote jobs creation & wealth generation towards improvement of the communities’ living standards and enable them to actively participate in sustainable development initiatives.
  • Strengthened social protection for all members of the community to ensure that there are stable and progressive households leading quality lives.
  • Strengthened GRADIF-K and Partner grassroots groups’ &CSOs Organizational and Institutional Capacities to design and manage effective programs as well as provide quality, equitable and timely services to their members and the targeted communities.

Strategic Approaches

GRADIF-K has adopted the following strategic approaches in all that it does. These are mainstreamed in all programs engagements.

  • Community Mobilization and Sensitization
  • Capacity Development- In prioritized areas and topics.
  • Advocacy and Influencing policy
  • Collaborations, Partnerships and Networks
  • Linkages and Modelling